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Train My Sales Team
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Growing a predictable & high performing team has its challenges. Implementing our Profitable Sales System™ will help you recruit, build and train a culture-focused, purpose-driven, profitable sales team.

Sales Agency
Done For Your Sales

Leverage your time, reduce expenses and increase your profits by engaging our fully trained remote high ticket enrollment agents. We take the stress out of closing deals, so you can focus on the things you love doing most.

Online University
Do It Yourself

Our million-dollar converter program is designed to help Coaches, Consultants & Entrepreneurs add $100k in sales in 12 months or less.

Meet Fabien Pataud

Pataud Consulting, led by Fabien Pataud, work with Coaches, Consultants and Business leaders who want to dominate the sales arena, whilst selling with integrity and making a positive impact on their client’s live

Our Results


“Real. Authentic. Empowering. The sales disruption workshop was a game changer. It allowed me to open up to the possibilities of what I thought wasn't possible! Fabien's coaching style is very authentic and genuine - He listens and asks the right questions to push you beyond your limits! Highly recommended."

In the 3 weeks following the event, Vy more than 10x her results.

Vy Vu Founder, Elite Health Coaching

“In the space of 6 or 7 weeks, since we making structural changes (identified by Pataud Consulting) and fully implemented the training with the right people in roles, we have doubled our sales which is insane. If you want to measure as an ROI, being an investment company, it would probably be 2000%.

Right, so everything that you've learned about sales is wrong, alright. Sales is not sales anymore, and anyone that continues with the old sales models, and I won't go into the details, but 99.9% of companies out there, they will be left behind. The system that Pataud Consulting has developed is a game changer, and if you're not behind that, then you will be left behind. Get ready to get blown away and then get real results.”

Sasha Hopkins Founder/Director, The A Team Property Group

“The first month of me working here, using the Sales Disruption system of selling, we doubled our sales and had a record month.

I really enjoyed the Sales Disruption Program. For me the biggest takeaway was a whole different outlook on the sales process. I have sold property very successfully for 5+ years. I learned to show far more empathy and not be the typical "suck-up" you expect from a sal”

Nick Smith Sales Consultant, The A Team Property Group

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FREE Access To My 7 figure
Sales Framework

5 Important Questions That Will Help You Immediately
Build Rapport & Close More Deals